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Wrap Your Hands Like a Pro

by Tom Reynolds on May 6, 2011

Hands aren’t as tough as you may think. One of the most common injuries in boxing and MMA is fracturing or breaking the hand while striking. If you know how to wrap your hands properly, you can stay in the gym training instead of nursing a broken hand.

Quite a few people have been asking me to make a post teaching how to properly wrap your hands.  I came across two good videos and thought I would throw them up here.  The first is a good quick video showing how to wrap your hands for a typical training session.  The second is a video of the famous UFC cutman “Stitch” showing how to wrap your hands before an actual fight.

How to Wrap Your Hands for Training

When wrapping your hands for training, your primary goal is to protect your wrist and knuckles, but many also use it to protect the thumb.  The wrap keeps your hand together and offers some padding as well as support.  For MMA, it’s important that your palm is open for grabbing.

When looking for wraps, 180″ length is common, but you can go longer. You want wraps that have some elasticity. I use these Mexican Style Handwraps.

How to Wrap Hands for a Fight

Jacob “Stitch” Duran is the most recognizable cutman in MMA. He begins each UFC fight night by wrapping fighters’ hands and making sure that their hands are protected.  You’ll notice that stitch uses guaze rather than the standard wrap material. This leads to a more custom, tight fit, but it is for one time use. This is an example of some good fight guaze.

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