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What it’s Like to Own a BJJ School

by Tom Reynolds on November 20, 2010

Running a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school is like being an owner of many other small businesses. There are the the good customers and the customers that you would rather not have at all.

Once the UFC started really gaining in popularity, schools all over the US were flooded with phone calls from a certain type of person. It’s the 20 year old that’s probably wearing a Tapout shirt, Affliction jeans and Oakley sunglasses indoors. Meanwhile he’s aspiring that in six months he’ll be an “ultimate fighter”. He just got back from his local Dick’s Sporting Goods and grabbed a pair of UFC gloves so that he can update his profile picture on Facebook.

This video is as disturbingly accurate as it is hilarious.  Here is a little insight on what it’s like to operate a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school on a daily basis from an owner’s perspective.

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  • Slobodan

    I started BJJ 6 weeks and so far I like it, beside the jits ribs in my first week. Regarding the video I don’t feel that not posting the prices is right move. If I’m interested in something I really want to know could I afford it, and though someone who wants to be next champ would consider all those options just to train for the recreationist like me that’s not an option. So not having prices on your site is just annoying and puts you in the same basket with all those pushy salesmen who just want to move their goods regardless of does the buyer could afford it or with suffer the credit.

    • Eric

      I agree. A lot of school owners feel like knowing prices without seeing the value first can turn a lot of people away though which is why you won’t see them posted publicly often.

  • justaroller

    Haha talking about paying for it, I have to clean my gym 3 times a week to pay for my classes that are 120 a month, it’s time consuming but it lets me do the sport I love

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