Want to Train Muay Thai in Thailand?

by Tom Reynolds on January 2, 2011

Thailand is a dream place to train for almost every mixed martial artist.  A friend of mine is training in Thailand right now. He gave me a play by play of a typical day of training at one of the many Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok.

Start the day at 6 am and run five miles. Here is where we start and end our run.

When we get back from the run we go into 250-500 straight knees and angled knees to the heavy bag.

Five, five minute rounds on pads, bag, and sparring. Extremely exhausting.

Clinch-work for anywhere between an hour and three hours.

The kids ring on the side where they practice while the adults practice. Some of these kids can whoop many of the adults’ butt.

Breakfast finally.

A much needed nap.

Repeat at 4pm.

Maybe catch a fight after dinner.

Sleep and start over at 6am.

This isn’t the romantasized view of what people think training in Thailand is like. Training in Thailand is all about repetition of good technique in a very hot gym.  These guys do this every day since they were kids.  They are very, very good at what they do.

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  • J Ursule

    i realy want this training can you please tel me how i can get in contact 

  • Yup, that’s pretty much on the money. Keatkhamtorn gym by the way.
    Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to just casually catch a fight after dinner as there’s a double pricing system and they jack the prices up for foreigners (about 2000 baht for a ticket).

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