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Van Damme is Back in the Ring at 50!

by Tom Reynolds on November 19, 2010

I guess we’re not finished with action stars in the fighting scene.  Steven Seagal recently trained two of the top fighters in the world before their recent fights. Now Jean-Claude Van Damme wants back in on the action.

He’s returning to the ring after quite the hiatus.  He is setup to fight the former boxing Olympic gold-medalist Somluck Kamsing. Assuming the match isn’t fixed, he’s putting himself into quite the predicament by fighting such a well versed boxer and Muay Thai fighter.

Here we have Van Damme making the announcement from the Cannes.

The second interview is one on one, and he goes a little deeper behind the reasoning behind the fight.

I guess the real question is, will Kamsing be able to handle Van Damme and his entrance to the ring?

Winner fights Chuck Norris?

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  • Seth

    Is it true that JCVD was actually legit at kickboxing. Like he fought quite a bit I heard.

    • Eric

      Yes, back when he was much younger he did well.

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