Uchimata for MMA: No Gi? No Problem…

by Tom Reynolds on April 1, 2011

In Judo, there are a lot of throws with different levels of effectiveness. The uchimata (Inner Thigh Throw in Japanese) is one of the most effective Judo throws, and it translates to no gi grappling and MMA. Below, I’m going to show two videos demonstrating this throw. The first video is a classic compilation of some serious old school masters of Judo throwing with the uchimata, and the second video has Karo Parisyan teaching the throw.

Classic Uchimata Video with the Gi

This is a collection of some great demonstration and competition videos with some great uchimatas. You’ll see different setups, but notice that in either case, it is incredibely important to get all the way under your opponent by pulling their weight onto your hips as you enter.

No Gi Uchimata for MMA with Karo Parisyan

Here we have an older video of Karo teaching how to modify your grips so that you can pull off the uchimata in MMA. These no gi grips work well and Karo has a lot of experience pulling this throw off in the cage. For another take, Shinya Aoki shows this throw and other in this no gi Judo post.

This throw can be pulled off a lot of other times as well outside of the clinch.  Next time someone has a single leg on you, get a deep overhook on their arm and go for the uchimata.

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  • Ken Osbourne

    That first throw is nuts. His timing is just crazy.

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