Two Sweet Submissions: Standing Gogoplata and Flying Omoplata

by Tom Reynolds on April 11, 2011

Whether you train MMA, Judo or BJJ, flying submissions are a lot of fun to play around with.  They’re not very high percentage for most people, but others have a knack for it.

There are all kinds of submissions like this that you can jump into and many have worked, even against high level guys. Anderson Silva was tapped by a flying heel hook and Genki Sudo was known for his flying triangles.

Here are two variations of flying submissions for you guys.

Flying (Standing) Gogoplata

The gogoplata from standing can be done if you have long legs and a little flexibility.

The key is to clear his head with your arm then your leg.

Next, you drop back while pulling down on his head and lifting up with your leg that’s under his neck.

Flying Omoplata

This is more for fun than anything. This variation starts as if you are going for a flying armbar, but you continue to rotate through until you land in an omoplata.

Try this one at your own speed until you have the mechanics down or your asking for a neck injury.

The flying gogoplata and flying omoplata are two fun submissions.  What’s your favorite?

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  • Shawn Deutch

    I can’t believe how smooth the guy is going into the omoplata.

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