Two Sick Ways to Take the Back in BJJ

by Tom Reynolds on March 1, 2011

These are two of the most unorthodox ways to take the back that I’ve seen or tried. The first technique is used when someone is going for a bullfighter style pass, and the second technique is used when you have opened your opponents guard.

Both of these Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques require the gi.

Taking the Back from Spider Guard

It’s not uncommon for someone in X-Guard to go for the back using a similar technique, but this is very rare from open or spider guard.

  1. Shrimp enough to get your leg down and grip his sleeve that is on your leg with your opposite hand.  You want to have a cross grip.
  2. Kick his grip off and put your foot back on his hip.  Your other foot should be behind his knee.
  3. Push him up with your foot that is on his hip so that his foot is light enough to lift.
  4. Clear his leg across the other side of your knee
  5. Pass his leg all the way across your body and have your feet on this inside of his knees
  6. Kick outwards and pull his hips towards you to take the back

The Rockstar Guard Pass to Backmount

I learned this one originally from Robson Moura. This back take is a lot of fun.

  1. Prepare by making sure that his gi is outside of his belt.
  2. Open the guard and have enough space to get your arms under the legs.
  3. Keep your body low when your reach for his lapels. If you sit upright, your exposing arm attacks and chokes.
  4. Pull him in and stack so that his knees connect to his shoulders.
  5. Fold one leg in and under his body.
  6. Step your other let all the way over his hip. Use your legs to pull him into back mount.

Give this a shot and tell me what you think below.

I’ll post a few other options on the Facebook page.

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