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A Measure of Shoulder Health and Core Strength: Turkish Get-Up

by Tom Reynolds on March 24, 2011

There are few exercises that get as much done so well as the Turkish Get-Up. It’s a strange looking exercise that isn’t familiar to people outside of athletic circles.  This is mostly because there is a learning curve to it.

The great thing about this exercise, especially when you can start really adding weight, is that the Turkish Get-Up is phenomenal for your shoulder stability and core strength.  In order to stabilize the weight that you have locked over head, your shoulder, rotator cuff, abs, obliques, lower back, and hips all have to stay tight through the different angles of the movement.

The Turkish Get-Up should be a staple core exercise for every athlete, particularly mixed martial artists and grapplers. Do yourself a favor.  Watch the video below.  Get the basics of the movement down and start practicing.

Once you’re killing it with the dumbbell or kettlebell, add a few of the variations.

Some Turkish Get-Up Variations by Difficulty

    1. Bodyweight
    2. Dumbbell/Kettlebell
    3. Barbell

    Like with any exercise, when you are able to move up in weight, move up in weight.  Many of the old school trainers in Russia wouldn’t let anyone try any other exercises until they could do a Turkish Get-Up with a 100lb kettlebell.

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