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Too Old to Start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

by Tom Reynolds on November 18, 2010

Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu has been spreading like wildfire for the past decade. Many people get started when they are done with their high school or college sport and want to move on to their next physical outlet. Others, probably you, consider starting for other reasons.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a great martial art for anyone without extreme medical issues. It is particularly effective for smaller, weaker, and older people because of its reliance on leverage and technique.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you get started with BJJ:

  • Save your joints- Wear Knee pads and warm up.  Knee pads will save your knees and are often overlooked.  Warm ups help prevent joint and muscle injuries.
  • Take it easy- Stay relaxed and work on improving a little bit each day.  Don’t rush into things and focus on getting rid of your big holes.
  • Stay basic- Learn your escapes, postion control, and a few techniques from each position.  Do yourself a huge favor and master the fundamentals.  It will cut your learning curve in half.

If you have any specific questions, comment below.

Good Luck!

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  • Ron Dubbs

    I started when I was 32. I wish I would have started with knee pads!

  • Eric

    You’re telling me.

    Knee pads are definitely a necessity in BJJ. The higher quality the better. Brute is a great choice.

  • Snook

    It annoys me that this is titled “Too Old or Too Fat”, but says noting about being fat.  As a heavy guy (300 pounds) and someone who has trained in BJJ for 2 years now (and I am 36, so I am old as well), I thought I was too fat to do jits. But I had been interested in BJJ since i was 30. If an article actually had told me when I was 30 that fat guys can still roll, I may have started earlier.  So I was happy to see this title and then very disappointed that there was no mention that fat guys can roll. 

    • Eric

      Great point Snook. I’ll fix the title and potentially make a part two for larger people.

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