Braulio Estima Guard

Three Principles to a Better Open Guard

by Tom Reynolds on November 13, 2010

There are a lot of good strikers that are afraid to kick or let their hands go because of takedowns.

The same concern holds true for many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu players.  They are afraid of opening their guard against challenging opponents because they think their guard will be passed as soon as they start to go for their sweeps and submissions.

Here are a few principles that you can follow today to make your open guard more effective.

  1. Posture Control to Inside Grips – Breaking down your opponent’s posture before opening the guard is very helpful.  Once you are able to break down the posture, pummeling inside is the next step.
  2. Regaining Guard – Learn how to shrimp away as soon as your guard is being passed so that you can have time to bring your bottom leg back through and regain the guard.
  3. Head Control During the Pass – Mastering head control while your guard is being passed is one of the most important things to get good at.  Work at pushing your opponent’s head to the same side that their body is going.  If their head is too tight.  Bump your hips up then push the head to the side.

Here Demian Maia is showing a great example of regaining the guard (Beginning to 2:45) and controlling the head during the pass (2:45 and on).

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