The Secret Of Repetition, Part 2

by Ryan Fiorenzi on December 18, 2012

continued from part 1

You’ve passed through stages 1-4: slow repetition, fast repetition, rep with light to medium resistance, and rep with full resistance.

And by the way, this process of taking a technique to black belt level is not done in one class.  Along the way, you are going to be trying to use this in live rolling.  And you are going to get mixed results for a while.

It is really important to adjust your expectations.  If you expect to put a month of intense work into one technique with this process, you are going to see huge progress.  You may get a reputation at your academy, “Don’t let that guy get a hold of your collar in the closed guard!”  But don’t expect that you are going to be running a clinic on every black belt you train with!

To put it in perspective, you may put 10 hours of training into a collar choke from your guard.  But they person you are trying it on may have 200 hours in their entire career with that same technique.

A general guideline is this: try your new technique with white belts, then blue belts, purple, brown, then black belts.  You are going to have more success versus partners with less experience.  Being human, if you keep trying your technique against higher level training partners and it keeps failing, you will stop using it.  John Machado says, “It’s not the technique that doesn’t work, it’s you that doesn’t work!”

On the other hand, don’t become complacent if you can land this technique on every white belt in your dojo.    Great job- you’re king of the white belts!  Keep pushing yourself to get more proficient with your technique, until you’re landing your technique on higher level practitioners.



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