The Gracies Are Pissed!

by Ryan Fiorenzi on December 4, 2012

Rose Gracie is daughter of Rorion Gracie, who created the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  She, along with many other members of her family,  are looking to change how BJJ tournaments are run.  They are unhappy with BJJ tournaments.

They claim that competitors are evolving into athletes that are very good at getting advantages and stalling, and are getting away from submissions and the self defense aspects of the art.  Besides that, they claim that tournaments are often very boring.

What’s the answer?  Rose Gracie has the Gracie Nationals.  Ralek Gracie just ran his first Metamoris event, which by many accounts was a huge success.

What do you think?  Are submission only tournaments better for Jiu-Jitsu?  Are they more exciting to watch?

Eddie Bravo gives his opinion here on the InsideBJJ podcast (one of my favorite podcasts.)  Click the play button under “listen.”  Eddie’s opinion starts at 20:20.




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  • Rose Gracie, daughter of Rorion Gracie,  is the creator of the Ultimate Fighting Championship
    Are you saying Rose or Rorion is the creator of UFC? Because your syntax says that Rose is, but I’m pretty sure Rorion is the creator.

  • Dennis

    ufc is and has been part of kung fu san soo. any good china fighter could beat any 2 ufc fighters. i have seen kung fu monestary grappling it makes ufc look like kids stuff  real good fighters would never fight for money any real good figure8 fighter or circle would clean up on a cage full of ufc fighters. i have seen circle fighters, fight. they are likea blurr. a lot of tses fighters think they are great they shoudfight in the newyork under ground fighting . fight till u dieonce in no way out unless u kill ur opponent. ufc needs to stop using physical fighting. they neede to use tecnique. dana white  needs to stop trying to make a profit of of a kids game. his fights pathetic he needs to check out all thats there and give the best. because u can take  a beating does not make u goodthere are8 systems that are 5000 years oldand older bring someone in that has mastered chi gurantee u , u cou.dload the cage completely with a god chi masterand no one would move him. u would not because then no one would watch any more breaqk dancing is fro san soo its for fighting.. then theres pressure point fighting  . they would show  howinepy ifc fighters are. theres nerve fighters  oth ways ur ufc fightersould be temporarily paralyzed folks likebrock lesner , icewould not last u would wind  up firing over 50% of ifc fightersmost hsasve no balance whhen they fight they are off of balsnce no solidfoundation to wht they do they need aetter trainner 

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