The Flying Knee in MMA

by Tom Reynolds on December 12, 2010

The flying knee is one flashiest and most unorthodox strikes in MMA. It’s also one of those techniques that shows up on the highlight reels from the flash knockouts that come up out of nowhere every once and a while.

Risks of the Flying Knee

The flying knee can be pretty risky.  You’re jumping in the air so you lose your base, and in order to get any kind of height you have to take your hands away from your face. This leaves people at risk before, during, and after the flying knee to being knocked out themselves.

Andrei Arlovski was beating the seemingly invincible Fedor Emelianeko with his superior boxing until he went for this flying knee.

And at the recent Fight Night:

Strengths of the Flying Knee

Thai fighters are known to be practical.  Muay Thai has used this strike for thousands of years.  The main difference you’ll notice between a veteran Thai fighter and someone in the cage that just learned the strike is form, distance and timing.

Some important things to do to make your flying knee a little less risky:

  • Back your opponent into the ring or cage.  The best time to strike is as soon as they make contact with their heel.
  • Use strikes or a fake shot to set it up.  Get their hands up or head looking down to sprawl.
  • Don’t use against opponents with great footwork.  The last thing you want to do is lunge at an opponent and get caught in a bad position as you land.

Hope you enjoyed.  Make sure to post your thoughts below!

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