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Taking the Back from Half Guard

by Tom Reynolds on May 16, 2011

When it comes to understanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques from half guard, Caio Terra is the boss. The half guard is a tricky position because of how many offensive and defensive options both the top and bottom guy have. Caio gives us one great go to option below.

In this video, World Champion Caio Terra show how to take the back from half guard.

Taking the Back from Half Guard for MMA or BJJ

If you take anything away from this, learn the sequence of the technique from :20 to :55. Pay close attention to his leg positioning as he begins to pass the paperclip half guard towards mount.

The half guard can really be a tough place for a lot of people with good reason. Caio basically created an encyclopedia for techniques here: 111 Half Guard Jiu Jitsu Techniques with Caio Terra BJJ.

I’ve been studying it for the past few weeks, and it has really changed my game. It is easily one of the best DVD’s for BJJ technique that I have seen.

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