Countering the Double Leg Takedown Off the Cage

by Tom Reynolds on April 24, 2011

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Takedowns Off The Cage

The double leg is easily the most common takedown attempted in Mixed Martial Arts, especially against the cage.  Here is a very basic but effective counter for when someone tries to double leg you when your back is pinned against the cage.

Takedown Defense Details:

  • Peel the elbow up with your left hand to kill his hook on your leg.  Great opportunity to follow with a guillotine choke.
  • Watch what his hips and feet do right at 1:30.  His feet come apart a bit and he turns his hips hard in towards the guys’ head as he lifts the elbow.  Whenever someone goes for a double leg. Spread your legs apart almost like going for the splits, and turn your hips hard towards your opponent’s head like you’re doing a lunge.  That will kill his takedown.

What do you think of this takedown defense?

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  • This is a good detail that I think a lot of people are missing.

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