BJJ, Judo & Wrestling Demo with Dave Camarillo

by Tom Reynolds on December 7, 2012

If anyone knows how to combine BJJ, Judo and wrestling, it’s Dave Camarillo. In addition to training many of the top fighters and martial artists in the world, he is one of the few guys that understands how the different martial arts can flow together.

Below is a video that Dave Camarillo just put out for his third degree black belt ceremony. He’s demonstrating several techniques from Judo, wrestling, and BJJ in addition to how he flows them together. There are a few that I’ll highlight that are pretty incredible.

Judo Throws

:21 – 1:38
You’ll see Dave go through many of his favorite Judo Throws including Osoto Gari and Seoi Nage. Notice how Dave makes his partner come off balance before the throws. You’ll also see that Dave is always pulling his partner’s hips onto Dave’s before a throw.

Wrestling Takedowns

1:38 – 2:00
Dave Camarillo goes through a few single leg entries and combinations. The real value here is how he moves to take the back and transition to other takedowns off of it. You can’t always finish a single leg!

Wrestling to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

2:00 – 2:05
Now this is a really cool one. Camarillo goes from a single leg to a rolling back take where he gets the choke. Try it out a few times, it’s a lot of fun.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Here is where you get to see Dave Camarillo’s BJJ expertise. He flows between a number of sweeps, back takes, and submissions effortlessly.


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