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How I Ended 5 Years of Back Pain In 3 Days

by Ryan Fiorenzi on December 24, 2012

Many people  suffer from occasional back pain.  For a martial artist, that means no training.  If your elbow is injured, you can work around it.  But when your back is hurt, you’re out!

For over 5 years I had major back issues.  I think it started when I was rolling with a wrestler from the University of Michigan and I put him in a triangle.  I remember thinking, “He might go to sleep, but he is NOT getting out of this triangle.”  He went into a tasmanian devil like freakout and we ended up rolling all over the mat before he tapped.  After that my lower back started spasming.

After that I spent around 3 weeks out of every year on the couch, unable to walk, and many other weeks unable to train.  When my back wasn’t hurting, I was afraid it was going to start hurting, which affected my training.

Going to the chiropractor didn’t work for this issue, and getting a massage every week helped my back go out a little less often, and helped me recover from being incapacitated, but it wasn’t getting to the root of the problem.  Stretching didn’t seem to help, and weightlifting seemed to help a little.

How did all the pain and problems disappear in 3 days?

One of my students recommended a book to me called “Foundation.”

Within 3 days my pain was gone, and it was months before I experienced any tightness in my back that usually preceded me being in lots of pain and not being able to train.  When the tightness came, I just doubled up on the exercises, like the book recommends, and the pain would be gone within a few hours.

I have recommended this book to many students and friends.  One of my students had such bad back pain that he would have to go to the hospital, and he went on to win a national BJJ tournament (master’s division) and now has no more pain.

If you have issues with your back, order this book and do the exercises.  I spend a few minutes day doing them, and it has changed my life.

If you know someone who has back issues, convince them to order the book and do the exercises.

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