Muay Thai Clinch

Striking from the Clinch: Questions & Answers

by Tom Reynolds on January 16, 2011

There are a lot of questions that I’ve been getting on YouTube, Facebook, and by email about different topics that I can’t get to regularly.  What I decided to do is create a monthly Q&A on different topics.  This month we’re going to cover questions that you may have about striking from the clinch.

Questions can include anything MMA related about learning how to strike from the clinch.  Some examples include:

  • How do I setup the Muay Thai Clinch?
  • What are some good ways to practice dirty boxing from the clinch?
  • When is it a good time to use elbows in the clinch?

Let’s get this going strong this month.  I’ll be posting a video response for the top 10 questions starting next Sunday, January 23.

Feel free to post your questions below, and please be as specific as you can.

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  • Lou Dobb

    What is the best way to get out of the thai clinch?

    I’m excited to see the response.

  • Susan L.

    If someone bigger than me has me in a headlock, how do I get out. I guess this is more self-defense related than MMA, but that would be great if you could answer that.

  • Eric

    Lou, good start. You’ll like the response.

    Susan, self-defense questions are not a problem.

  • Ken Osbourne

    I’ve learned a lot of different types of strikes from inside of the clinch, but it is always much harder for me to get into the clinch than I feel it should be.

    What are some different ways to get into the different types of clinches out there so that I am ending up in a good position?

    Thank you.

  • Lee

    I second Ken. If you could show how to get into the various clinches, that would be great.

  • Steve Tobb

    What’s the best way to punch and kick when you’re in the standard wrestling clinch (over and under).

  • Eric

    All great questions, keep them coming!

  • MmaToday

    What are some different elbow strikes within the clinch?

    When are the best times to use elbows in the clinch?

    How can a person safely defend against elbows?

    Could you email me on the email I am commenting with? I would like to talk with you about some things privately.


  • tommy tuff guy

    learn greco roman wrestling as a precursor.

    greco has everything needed for muay thai clinch and is very well structured for learning.

    now its all up to the readers.

  • throw downer

    pummeling and hand fighting are the first things to learn going onto any clinching.
    everyone needs plenty of neck bridges and some weight lifting .
    there are so many very good informative video`s on utube to watch and learn from.
    greg nelson. clinch
    eric paulson clinch
    miliapet muay thai clinch
    anderson silva`s clinch escapes
    alex gong clinch.
    push-pull theory .clinch and grips.
    this list is too long ..
    clinching is atwo man drill and you need a good work out partner.

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