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Shoulder Dislocations – A Fighter’s Worst Nightmare

by Tom Reynolds on May 13, 2011

**Make sure, if anything, to watch the shoulder rehab video at the bottom! A+++ injury prevention video**

Many of the martial arts are plagued with shoulder injuries. Whether you train in wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or MMA, it’s a reality that has to be dealt with if you want to train for more than a few years.

The shoulder is a very tricky joint that can be very easy to injure. There are minor injuries and there are major injuries like dislocations that can keep someone out for months. It took three shoulder dislocations for me to finally learn just how important it is to train smart and balance the shoulder out.

This is meant to be a resource for people that may have a shoulder injury or those that want to prevent one.

Step One – See a Specialist (If Serious)

That means see a sports doctor or orthopedic surgeon specializing in the shoulder.  Don’t go to a general practitioner. You will probably get an X-Ray and see the doctor who may put you through movements to test the rotator cuff and surrounding tissue.  You may then get an MRI or Ultrasound.  The process can depend based on where you go.

Step Two – Educate Yourself and Recover

Working through a join injury isn’t smart.  Ligaments and tendons by there nature don’t get a lot of bloodflow or nutrients.  They do no heal well.  Interupting the healing process isn’t smart and usually leads to permenant issues.  If you dislocated your shoulder, see a specialist, where a sling, and rehab properly or you will regret it.

Next, the below articles from T-Nation are for everyone. Fantastic information from one of the leading shoulder experts.

Shoulder Savers – Part 1
Shoulder Savers – Part 2
Shoulder Savers – Part 3

Step Three – Watch This Video and Get on a Program

Diesel Crew put together a fantastic program.  Check it out, and start following the site.

If you know anyone that is going through any shoulder problems, make sure to link them to this page.

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  • Even if you don’t get a chance to read through the articles on TNation, Make sure to watch the Diesel Crew Video.  It’s a huge game changer.

  • Vince

    Eric, I still do those rubber band [what do people call those things?] shoulder exercises you showed me a couple years ago.  They cured a bad shoulder, and so far have prevented any recurring shoulder problems.  

  • Eric

     Awesome Vince!  Those are external rotations that I showed you.

  • alex

    man i wanna do mma but so scared cause i have a shoulder dislocation that’s ruining my life as a fighter

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