Should I Learn the Berimbolo?

by Ryan Fiorenzi on November 1, 2012

For those of you who don’t know, here’s  the berimbolo.  This video demonstrates the reverse berimbolo, but it’s very similar to the regular berimbolo.


Should you learn it?

  • If you’re training bjj for self defense, it’s not the smartest idea to spin upside down on a non matted surface (no mats on the street.)
  • If you’re training for competition, you do not have to add it as part of your sweep repertoire, but you do have to learn how to defend it.  It is really popular right now, until the next exciting guard game comes along!
  • If you’re training for fitness and fun, then it’s a personal choice.  If you aren’t flexible, it will be difficult but it may be a way to help you develop flexibility.  If you like inverting, then you’ll love it.  Just watch out for leg locks!





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