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Rolles Gracie Jr – BJJ Technique Made Effortless

by Tom Reynolds on June 27, 2011

Rolles Gracie Jr is a third degree BJJ black belt and MMA veteran. He is the head instructor at a Gracie Academy in New Jersey and competes regularly.

He is the eldest son of Rolls Gracie Sr.. Rolls Sr. is considered by many to be the pioneer of modern BJJ and one of the best grapplers to ever live.

While Helio had a defensive style that was built to tire his opponent out, Rolls developed an aggressive style with new techniques borrowed from Sambo, Judo, and wrestling. This new style of BJJ worked incredibely well in competition, especially Vale Tudo (MMA in Brazil). Unfortunately Rolls died from a hang gliding accident back in 1982 at the young age of 31.

Here is a BJJ exhibition video of Rolls Sr. from back when he was just a kid.

BJJ Technique – Rolles Gracie Jr. Rolling

After watching this video, you’ll get an idea of just how smooth and effortness Rolles Gracie’s BJJ technique is. Whether he is in mount or about to be swept, the guy naturally flows by instinct at this point.

BJJ Takeaway

Pay careful attention to what Rolles does in different positions, and try to add that to your game.

For example, at 3:55 watch how Rolles defends the cartwheel pass by immediately controlling an upside down guard into a leglock sequence.

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