Points Of Control

by Ryan Fiorenzi on December 21, 2012

You have probably heard people say that Jiu-Jitsu is a game of chess.

That is true in many ways but I am going to point out one way that is going to improve your Jiu-Jitsu.

In chess you are allowed to make one move, then your partner makes a move.  You are not allowed to make more than one move at a time.  In BJJ, if you make make 2 or 3 moves in a row without your partner responding, you are probably submitting them.

Every submission, sweep, guard pass, or escape starts with a point of contact, which is often a point of control.  Like when someone is going to execute the bullfighter guard pass on you.  They start by grabbing your pants, then they execute the pass.

Get in the habit of not letting your partner get any points of control, and if they do, break or nullify their control.  A point of control is usually a grip.  If you do not know how to break and nullify grips, learn and practice it.

gi grips

For example, if you are inside someone’s guard and they grab your collar, that is the first point of control.  Then if they grab your gi at your wrist or tricep, they have a second point of control.  If they get their foot on your free arm, there’s their 3rd point of control.  At this point they will start moving their hip, and you are one step away from being swept or submitted.

If you get in the habit of not letting your partner get control of you, and you establish control, you are closer to improving your position and landing a submission.

And this applies to Judo and Wrestling as well.  Whoever establishes control usually gets the takedown.


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