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Pedro Sauer: Details on the Armbar and Attacks When Countered

by Tom Reynolds on March 10, 2011

The armbar is a great submission that can be pulled off from just about any position. Whether you’ve never attempted an armbar or you’ve been doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for years, there is something in this post for you.

Make sure to checkout the special bonus detail in the bottom video.

Rickson Gracie’s Simple Armbar

In the below video, Pedro Sauer breaks down the minimalist armbar. Rather than the methodical armbar that has multiple steps, this verson can be jumped into in one step. The advantage to this is that your opponent doesn’t have a lot of time to react.  The disadvantage is that it can be difficult for beginners to learn how to turn their body and lift their hips at the same time.

  • Video starts at :20
  • The Flash Armbar starts at 1:15


  1. Make sure that your hips aren’t suffocated.  If your hips are being locked to his hips, you won’t have room to move your hips enough for the armbar.
  2. Don’t force it.  If you can’t get an angle change and you cant get your hips up and behind his tricep, start to work other techniques.

What do you Do if Your Armbar is Countered?

At the bottom, Pedro Sauer is showing some good options for when your opponent pulls his arm out when you for the armbar.

  • Video starts at :30

Omoplata Sweep

  • Sweep starts at :35
  • Clear his head with your leg and grab his pants at the knee with your free hand
  • Start to turn to your side and kick away with your leg that is hooking his arm
  • As you finish the sweep, pull hard on his arm and switch your hips so that you land in a solid position

Omoplata to Hip Sweep

  • Sweep starts at :50
  • As you go for the omoplata, your opponent postures up making it difficult to do the previous technique
  • Drive your hips forward to straighten your body and come up over your inside shoulder
  • As you land, pull hard on the arm and land into a strong position

Armbar to Triangle

  • Choke starts at 1:10
  • Step your leg over his shoulder and make sure to keep his posture down
  • Change your angle to the opposite side of where you are at with the armbar attempt


From 1:45 on, watch what you can do when your opponent pushes your leg down with their forearm.

Notice the subtleties of how Pedro moves his hips then turns the arm in with his leg to block his opponents arm for the chokes and sweeps.

The BJJ Legend Terere is back.  Phenomenal documentary fresh off the press on the Facebook Page.

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