Part 2: Over/Under Guard Pass – Under the Leg

by Tom Reynolds on November 28, 2010

Part 1 shows how to pass over the bottom leg. That post is located here.

Here in part 2 I am showing how to pass under the top leg.  There are two finishes shown in this guard pass.

Practice both passes on both sides.  It is a great pass because of the versatility that is allowes.  If you try to pass the guard on one side and are blocked, it is very easy to cut to the other side.

I will answer any questions below.


Part 1 is here.

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  • Rick

    Which finish to the guard pass is more high percentage?

    • Eric

      Try both out for yourself. I personally like the second finish because you can threaten with the choke as you’re passing.

      Whenever someone can bait their opponent, they’re a step ahead.

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