Padwork in Thailand with Roger Huerta and Yasubey

by Tom Reynolds on February 15, 2011

Want to see what pad work is supposed to look like?  Here we have two high level fighters working with world-class trainers. Whether you’re a coach or a fighter, there is a lot to learn here.

Yasubey Enomoto Hitting Thai Pads with Kru Ritt

Yasubey is a pro, welterweight MMA fighter that has been doing well in Japan.

Some highlights from the video:

  • :15 – Padwork starts.  As does the silly music.
  • Watch how short and crisp his strikes are, especially the elbows.  He’s always getting quickly back into a strong stance.
  • Notice the pace.  A few strikes or a counter, then relax, repeat. If a fighter is tense or moves around like a spaz, he gasses and telegraphs strikes.  Don’t be a spaz.

Roger Huerta Training Thai with Kru Yod

Roger Huerta fought lightweight for the UFC and is now fighting for Bellator.

Breakdown of the video:

  • :25 – Video starts with clinchwork and knees.
  • :33- Kru Yod is trying to teach rhythm which is an important part of traditional Thai boxing.  Thai fighters fight to a distinct rhythm.  Watch their footwork in the ring and listen to the music in a traditional Thai fight.  It almost sounds like a snake charmer.
  • 1:00- Basic Thai takedown from the clinch.  Takedowns are different in Thai boxing.  They’re mostly to wear their opponent down and score some points with the judges.
  • 1:34- Great front kick counter.  Nice, simple, and effective.
  • 1:50- Kick evasion off of the ring or the cage. This is a risky counter, but it can work well.  Just be aware of the counter punches when you bring your head back.  When you lean back you can’t really move your body until you lean forward again. Hands up!
  • 3:08- Catching the kick. Good counter as long as your ribs can handle it.  I recommend stepping out with the kick as it is coming in to slow the kick down.

Now to end, a hilarious street fight that Huerta got into a few months later…

I may be alone on this one, but I’m glad Huerta knocked this dude out.

Checkout the Facebook page for a few extra videos, and as always, comment below!

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  • Luigi

    Nice breakdown on the Huerta video.

    What do you think of what he is having Huerta do after he catches the kick Eric?

    • Eric

      He does a typical Thai counter. I personally prefer attacking the back of his leg instead of the front with either a kick or a trip.

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