Pace Choke – Guillotine and Triangle Hybrid

by Tom Reynolds on December 9, 2010

For those of you that didn’t see this fight, Nick Pace came up with a choke that I’ve never seen before.  It is a hybrid between the guillotine and triangle choke.

Pace had his right leg over the neck, but he couldn’t get his left leg out of halfguard.  What he did instead was reach under his opponent’s neck with his right arm and grabbed his right ankle.  From there you have a mix between a triangle and a guillotine.

Watch the video a few times.  If you have the hip flexibility and structure to pull this off, give it a shot.

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  • Ron Dubbs

    I had a hard time pulling this choke off. His head kept slipping out of the choke. What’s the deal.

  • Eric

    That’s understandable.

    Try to stay tighter. The more you straighten your body out, the easier it is for their head to come out. Instead, focus on bringing your head to your ankle.

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