No Gi One Armed Throw

by Tom Reynolds on February 12, 2011

The one armed throw (also Seoi Nage or Japanese Whizzer) is a great gi or no gi throw for grappling or MMA. It definitely takes practice, but when you understand some basics, it’s very easy to pull-off.

I actually became a huge fan of this throw a few months ago. I competed quite a bit in Judo tournaments, and one all of my matches in less than a minute. That is until I faced a Judoka that had the one armed throw (seoi nage in Judo) mastered. He caught every person he went against with this throw, and I knew that going into the semi-finals going against him. I blocked it three times and on the fourth time he his me with the one armed throw. From then on, I have become obsessed with it.

Here is a good breakdown of how to setup the one armed throw in no gi (without a gi or uniform):

  1. Get his legs apart so that you can land between his legs. This can be done with kouchi gari or ouchi gari (look them up on youtube) or by simply forcing them to take a big step.
  2. Lock their leg tight across your chest, and land on your knees underneath, not in front of, your opponent.
  3. Pull hard across your body bringing your right shoulder to your left knee.

Give this a shot, and let me know if you guys need any help with this one.  It can be tough to get, but it works great.

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