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MMA Drill: Putting Together Striking with Takedowns

by Tom Reynolds on June 8, 2011

You can drill and waste your time or you can drill and get better. Either way we will drill.

Dan Gable, a Wrestling Legend

If you want to get good at mixed martial arts, you need to drill hard and drill often. Drilling is what teaches your body how to do techniques well.

MMA Drill Putting Strikes and Takedowns Together

There are a lot of wrestlers that can’t take someone down when they are being hit in the cage. This drill is great because it teaches you how to put your striking together with your takedowns so that you aren’t taken off guard in a fight.

Tom Lawlor fights in the UFC and is teaching the striking and takedown drill in the below video. This drill is by no means revolutionary or brand new. I have trained with a lot of fighters that use similar drills every week.

  • Head movement comes from your hips. ¬†When defending against punches, don’t bend at your head when you slip or bob and weave.
  • Whichever side your head is on, you’re taking your opponent in the opposite direction.
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