Loop Choke: A Nasty Gi Version of the Anaconda Choke

by Tom Reynolds on January 18, 2011

This is a great instructional video for how to learn how to do the loop choke.

The loop choke is basically an Anaconda Choke with the Gi.  It’s can be very tight and high percentage as long as you pay attention to a couple of key points:

  • Make sure that your left arm remains tight to him as you roll through.  If you allow space, he will be able to pull his trapped arm out and end up on top of you in a north south position.
  • Notice how Ricardo tucks his head low beside the ribs before rolling.  This is to prevent his head from being squished.
  • After rolling, you are in a position without much control until you shrimp to get leverage.  Make sure to shrimp and get 90 degrees to his body as soon as he lands on his back.

Thanks to Athletic Body Care for this technique from Ricardo Cavalcanti.

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