Armbar to Triangle to Omoplata

Learning to Flow – Transitions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

by Tom Reynolds on November 14, 2010

One of the biggest differences between a good grappler and a great grappler is their ability to see openings and take them. In a new guy’s first year, he will have a technique in mind like an armbar and force it whether its there or not. As he learns more techniques and starts to see how they come together, he sets the armbar up. If it’s not there, he goes after the sweep that just opened up.
  1. Stop using so much muscle. One of the most common instructions in a beginner class is for people to stop using so much muscle.  The main reason behind this is that when people are using all of their strength, they tend to force things that they shouldn’t be.
  2. Put basic techniques together. Start putting a few techniques together from different positions.  Drill this often.  Find a basic technique like a triangle and start switching it to an armbar.  There are endless posibilities.

Now here is a ridiculous example of transitions on a high level.  Watch this video a few times just to see some great submission chains.  There is some major pain tolerance and joint elasticity at work here.

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  • Luke Robinski

    I liked the vid. We need to see more like these.

    • Eric

      I’ll keep looking Luke. I’ve personally watched this video five times already.

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