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Learning How to Defend Punches

by Tom Reynolds on April 10, 2011

Learning how to defend against punches is no easy task. Boxing wouldn’t be such a difficult sport if that were the case.

No one likes to get hit. Here is a quick breakdown of defending against punches with a good highlight of the defense in action at the end:

Boxing Defense with Arms

  • Don’t reach for anything! Keep your elbows attached to your body and your hands glued to your head.
  • If you’re about to get hit in the body,  squat down and absorb with your forearm.  Don’t reach!
  • The smaller the block, the better.  If you smack punches down, your leaving yourself open for the follow up strikes.

Head Movement to Slip Punches

  • When you slip punches, you’re not slipping with your neck or upper body.  Instead slip with your hips and pivot.
  • Try to slip to the outside of punches. If you slip to the inside, you’re opening yourself up to their other hand.
  • Squatting under punches or bobbing and weaving can be great, but don’t get carried away with it, especially in MMA.  Knees and uppercuts are a harsh punishment for ducking your head in boxing.

Footwork for Boxing Defense

  • Know which range you should be in. If you’re taller, use your reach, but if you’re shorter, get inside.
  • Learn to get in and out of range quickly.

There you have it.  A quick breakdown on boxing defense. What did you guys think of the video?

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