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Leaping Body Kick to Close Space

by Tom Reynolds on April 22, 2011

When I started training years ago, my Muay Thai coach explained to me that a well placed kick to the body will take someone out of a fight more consistently than a shot to the head. Strikes to the body are draining and can cause a lot of damage fast. Good Thai fighters are mechanics when it comes to breaking down their opponents body with knees, kicks and punches.

Below we have a great technique for when there is some space between you and your opponent. If you want to try this out, you can set the below kick up with a front kick or power jab.

Keep in mind that the camera isn’t really showing his left foot. ┬áHe is turning it hard so it almost is pointing behind him, and he is on the ball of his foot. It’s important to turn your foot hard so that your hips can turn through the kick. Muay Thai techniques are all about generating power through your hips. The more your turn your hips, the more damage you can cause.

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