“Knee Tap – Most Underrated Takedown in MMA”

by Tom Reynolds on July 5, 2011

Now that Urijah Faber got put down by Dominick Cruz in UFC 132 and has become the Bantamweight Champ, there are a lot of people focusing on his skill set.  Aside from Cruz’s excellent footwork and punching power, his knee tap takedown is catching a lot of attention.

In the video below, Dominick Cruz actually says that the knee tap is the most underrated takedown in MMA.

Knee Tap Technique Breakdown

There are a few things to keep in mind when going for the knee tap.

  • It can be done off of combinations as seen in this video, but it can also be used off of the clinch.  GSP has shown several times that it can be used from an over under clinch.
  • Make sure to drive at an angle.  This technique will not work well if you try to drive him straight back.
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