Judo for BJJ – Legend Jimmy Pedro Teaches a New OSoto Gari

by Tom Reynolds on May 9, 2011

Learning Judo from Jimmy Pedro is about as good as it gets.  He has won 29 gold medals in international Judo competition and coaches the US Olympic Judo Team.  In this video, Jimmy Pedro teaches us how to throw someone with a new version of Osoto Gari.

“Neo” Soto Gari

Keep in mind that Jimmy is demonstrating one option for the grip. There are dozens of gi and nogi variations that can be used. GSP hit Matt Hughes with an almost identical throw, and Shinya Aoki demonstrates many of the no gi variations of judo here.

The two biggest details to remember to make this technique work are timing and off-balance. Both play together nicely.

  • Notice how Jimmy only attacks for the throw once he gets his opponent stepping in the direction of the throw. For example. If Jimmy is going to throw his opponent to the right, he needs to get his opponent stepping to the right. Once the weight is shifted in that direction, it’s time to throw. This can be seen at 1:50
  • When entering, Jimmy gets his opponent off-balance by pulling the sleeve across his hip and driving the lapel away. Think of your arms as a big steering wheel.
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