Post image for Jon Jones vs Mauricio Shogun Rua: The New Breed has Arrived

Jon Jones vs Mauricio Shogun Rua: The New Breed has Arrived

by Tom Reynolds on March 20, 2011

Last night was an incredible night of fights with even more domination by the young fighter, Jon Jones.  On top of Jon Jones’ excellent striking and submissions, his long reach, raw athleticism, and outstanding wrestling will likely keep him on  a winning streak for the next four or so years. It shows just how difficult it is for a two dimensional fighter like Shogun to survive in the Octagon against someone with all of the tools that Jones has.

Here are a few images from the end of the fight last night. Pay close attention to the precision of his strikes.  He doesn’t knee or punch for the sake of it.  He strikes when and where there is an opening.

Shogun managed to turtle out to avoid the elbow, but he was too beat up to scramble out or go for the single that was there.  Jon Jones then teed off and caught Shogun with some brutal and underused knees to the body.

Next, Jon Jones finishes Shogun with one of my favorite strikes, the uppercut to the liver. The Dutch kickboxers, in particular Bas Rutten and Ernesto Hoost are famous for the liver punch. The knee afterwards wasn’t even needed. Shogun wasn’t getting up after that body shot.

What did you guys think of the fights last night?

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  • Lou Dobb

    Jon Jones’ striking reminds me a lot of Anderson Silva. He has the precision of a sniper with his strikes

    • Eric

      Agreed, striking like his is incredibly rare.

  • Craig Churchill

    An mma writer on yahoo I believe wrote that of all the fights he has seen over the years there has only been about 3 or 4 special moments that will stick with him forever. Now you can add this fight to the list, short of an upset like Gsp v. Serra “Bones” should be your lightheavy champ for years to come.

    • Eric

      Completely agree. He showed right there that he can outclass a legend. And a legend that is still at or near where his prime was.

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