Jeff Monson, BJJ Technique, North South Choke

Jeff Monson Teaches the North South Choke

by Tom Reynolds on June 6, 2011

Jeff Monson is one scary looking man, and he’s really good at BJJ.  He is probably best known for his success with the choke from north south which is also known as the monson choke and his time in the UFC.

This choke is incredibly tough to get out of once it is locked in.

Monson Choke from North South

Pay careful attention to his setup.  If you get good at the transition from sidemount to north south, this choke is very high percentage.

One of the most important parts of this technique is to sit your weight back and off of him. Drive your hips and chest away from your opponent and onto the ground.  If his body is holding your weight, you can’t drop your weight into his neck.


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  • Okfine90109a

    This is one of the few submissions that I have yet to see a good counter for.

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