Is Your Jiu-Jitsu Stuck?

by Ryan Fiorenzi on January 17, 2013

hammer and nailAll students go through periods when they feel great about their training, and other times horrible.  Sometimes you’re the hammer, and sometimes the nail!

Being the nail is a good thing.  It teaches you humility, and it motivates you to train harder, smarter, and/or more often.

Here’s a list of what you can do when you feel your Jiu-Jitsu is stuck:

  1. Drill and rep techniques in a focused way.  Pick one thing and get really good at it.  Then start trying it our in rolling.
  2. Pick your weakest area and start working on it.  Rep and drill that area, then start matches from that weak area.
  3. Ask your instructor what you need to work on.
  4. Ask your training partners what they think you need work on.
  5. Do rolling drills, not just free rolling.  For example, ask your partner to pass, and try to sweep or submit.  If they pass, have them go back to your guard and start over.  You will start to see patterns that you need to fix.
  6. Man up/woman up, quit whining, and be patient.  It won’t last forever.

What do you do when you feel frustrated about your training?

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