Incredible BJJ Video: Robson Moura Rolling PLUS Narration

by Tom Reynolds on March 21, 2011

This is one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu breakdown videos I’ve ever seen. Robson Moura, like Marcelo Garcia, is on a completely different level that 99% of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts.

In this video, Robson is rolling for more than eight minutes of constant transitions into techniques like the upside down guard to the back, arm bar to kimura and x-guard to knee on belly. To make it even better, Robson narrates the entire roll in his broken English.

Some of the BJJ Highlights

:25 – With a grip over the neck, Robson pulls guard and uses his butterfly hook to control his opponent into the X-Guard.

:55 – Crazy BJJ transition: De La Riva -> Upside down guard -> Deep half guard -> Almost take the back

1:15 – Great subtleties in his legs and hips for the guard pass. He switches his base to a reverse mount which opens up a number of leg locks.

1:55 – Half Guard to Single Leg.  Robson counters with an omoplata.

2:10 – Robson Moura hits a crucifix from turtle similar to the crucifix early in the UFC.  Andre escapes the crucifix by walking his hips toward the head then rolling out to sidemount.

2:50Loop Choke for BJJ

3:55 – Hip Switch (or Terere) guard pass.

4:35 – Phenomenal rolling back take from turtle.

4:50 – Robson hits the sweep from turtle bottom that Shogun tried to hit on Jones in their MMA fight.

5:05 – Arm ride is shown.  Robson Moura uses his legs like windshield wipers to trap his opponent’s arm.  This is a great technique in BJJ.  Matt Hughes also used this in MMA against BJ Penn.

5:35 – Robson does the Tripod Sweep into an Ankle Lock. That is a great combination for BJJ or MMA that I showed about two years ago.

6:25 – Some excellent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu combinations for about a minute. Watch how they will go for one thing then immediately flow into another technique when that doesn’t work.  This is shown in article with another great video in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Transitions post.

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