How to Take Any Technique to Black Belt Level

by Ryan Fiorenzi on May 22, 2011

Guest post by Ryan Fiorenzi

I wish I would have learned this when I was a white belt.  It was only after years of teaching and training, I figured out the success formula for taking any technique and being able to execute it with black belt proficiency.

1.  Slow repetition.  Make sure you are doing the technique correct.

2.  Repetition with more speed.

3.  Start adding resistance.  Ask your partner to make you work for it.  Start with 20% resistance, and move all the way to 100%.

4.  Start trying the technique in live rolling.

5.  Find the counters and common responses to the technique, and figure out effective responses.  Now start the process over by repping the new techniques slowly, then fast, etc…

This list may not seem exciting, but it is a secret to success in Jiu-Jitsu.  But just like in life, what is simple isn’t always easy.  Most everyone wants to roll, but who wants to drill technique?

It is possible to have have drilled a technique so much that you’re a purple, brown, or even a black belt in that technique.  Are you willing to do the work?

Ryan Fiorenzi is a 2nd degree black belt under Rigan Machado, owner of East West Martial Arts in Canton, Mi., and creator of



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  • Great post Ryan!

    Very excited that you have you blog back up and running.  It’s truly incredible.

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