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How to Shadowbox the Right Way

by Tom Reynolds on May 26, 2011

Shadowboxing is incredibly popular for a reason, but far too few people do it properly. There aren’t very many exercises or drills that put next to no strain on the joints, but allow you to develop an incredible amount of balance, footwork, technique, coordination, and speed.

On top of that, shadowboxing isn’t only for boxers.  Whether you want to learn how to box, kickbox, wrestle, or fight in the cage, knowing how to shadowbox the right way will give you a huge edge.

How to Shadowbox

The key to remember when shadowboxing is to control your breathing.  Your breathing controls the way you fight.  If you breathe sharp, relaxed and with control, you will fight that way too.

Start with three, three minute rounds and focus on mixing up your combinations. Put together your punches in different sequences.  You’ll know when the combination feels right.

Now to put things together and give you something to work towards, watch one of the fastest boxers, Manny Pacquiao, shadowbox.

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  • Please anyone.. Can you please list Manny Pacquiao Shadow Boxing Combo? Thanks in advance…

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