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How to Punch Like Mike Tyson

by Tom Reynolds on December 25, 2010

Love him or hate him, Mike Tyson is one of the best heavyweight boxers to ever live.  He made up for his lack in height with speed, raw power, and some of the best head movement I’ve ever seen.

Tyson is perhaps best known for the bobbing and weaving that set up his devastating hooks and uppercuts. It’s that same bobbing and weaving that set him up too close for his opponent’s longer arms.

Some keys that made Tyson one of the best boxer ever:

  • Tyson’s aggression and distance control was too much for most of his opponents.  He knew exactly how far away he needed to be to be dangerous. Because he had a smaller reach, he got inside and stayed there, smothering his opponents.
  • Tyson let his body do the punching not his arms. Notice how he keeps his elbows tight to his body when he fires hooks and crosses.  All of his power comes from his hip rotation.
  • Watch how he follows through on his punches.  He is always hitting a few inches past the surface of his target.  It’s that follow through that gave him his phenomenal knockout percentage.

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  • Vince

    Once he got a little arrogant, that head movement was the first thing to go. And since his whole game was built around it . . .

    • Eric

      Good point.

      Without the head movement, he was taking too much damage and couldn’t get in range.

  • Vince Anila

    Plus, a lot of the stuff he’d land were from weird angles along that arc that guys didn’t even see coming half the time.

    • Steve Tobb

      His hook and overhand right were two of the most powerful punches I’ve seen in boxing. He got right around people guard

  • SugarBoxing

    Please check The Science of Mike Tyson and Elements of Peek-A-Boo @ sugarboxing

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