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How to Leg Kick Like Thiago Alves

by Tom Reynolds on June 28, 2011

There’s nothing like a nasty roundhouse kick to give someone a bad day.  They take the steam out of fighters and really effect their striking and takedowns.

The leg kick is one of the main reasons why Muay Thai went mainstream so quickly. Thai fighters crush many strikers of other styles simply by taking out their legs.

Thiago Alves has some of the nastiest roundhouse kicks to the leg that I’ve seen in the UFC.  The way he sets up his kicks and turns over his hips is incredible.

Thiago Alves – The Leg Kick Assassin

This is a textbook Thiago Alves Roundhouse Kick to the Leg.

He sets it up with a tight jab then simply puts his right hand out there to distract and build power.

He takes a mini hop with his left leg, swings his right arm down, and drives his shin through his opponent.

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  • Mahmood

    the link doesn’t exist anymore. This has been happening a lot with other pages as well, like the ‘how to get your hips turned over into a leg kick’ page. Your site is a treasure trove, but without the videos, there’s hardly any point.

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