Roundhouse kicks to the leg can win fights.

How to Get your Hips Turned-Over into a Leg Kick

by Tom Reynolds on January 27, 2011

This is a basically a highlight of Ernesto Hoost and the clinic that he has run on so many people with his roundhouse kicks to the leg. In Muay Thai vs Dutch Kickboxing, we explained the subtle differences between the two kickboxing styles.  Ernesto is a Dutch kickboxer with a great blend of subtle Savate, Muay Thai, and Dutch Kickboxing techniques that blends into a leg kicking machine.

You’ll notice that Ernesto uses two different types of rear roundhouse kicks from two different ranges.  He has a roundhouse kick from a pure kicking range and another from a boxing range. I’ll highlight those below.

Some Leg Kick Highlights

  • He uses the combo that you see at :12 seconds quite often.  The first two punches (wide jab to a wide cross) are just smacks to get the other guys guard up.  Then he follows with the strong uppercut to the body and a deep roundhouse kick.
  • At :50 seconds, Ernesto’s counter to the roundhouse kick is beautiful.  He turns his leg into the kick to absorb the impact, and he kicks out his opponent’s leg that’s bearing all of the weight.
  • When he doesn’t want to be in punching range, usually because of the other guy’s power (i.e. at 2:55, 3:07, and 3:12), Ernesto Hoost uses a rear roundhouse like most people use a front kick.  He uses it to keep his opponent at bay for a second and to slowly accumulate damage.

Take particular notice to how he steps to the side gets his hips around to create a whip in his kicks.  That’s a lot of energy going through to the other guys’ leg.

What do you guys think of his roundhouse?  Have you seen a better one?

Post your thoughts below.

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  • Stefan Palmer

    He’s got a nasty roundhouse kick. I wonder how he managed not to get countered more.

    • Eric

      His ability to put something in his opponents face and his raw speed seem like the main reasons that he doesn’t get countered.

  • vince

    Is it normal to limp a little after watching that? It is, right, it’s not just me?

    • Eric

      No kidding… Just watching these guys and how their legs buckle…

  • Legkicks and body kicks are underrated in MMA.Remember when Aldo almost crippled Faber.

    • Eric

      Absolutely. That’s how I won my last fight. Leg and body kicks definitely can change fights.

      I posted a video of Buakaw crippling someone on the Facebook page.

  • Hasbulelias

     High kicker – Buakaw

    •   Yes  he is!

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