How to Elbow from the Muay Thai Clinch

by Tom Reynolds on January 30, 2011

In Striking from the Clinch: Questions and Answers, Lou wanted to know how and when to elbow from the clinch. This is a great setup to elbow someone from the Muay Thai clinch.

This can also work really well for knees, short punches, and takedowns.

The keys to pulling this off:

  • Step to the outside with one leg then back with the other.
  • When you step back, pull your opponent into the open space.
  • Keep a deep grip on their neck as you push him away then pull him into your short elbow.
  • At the end, you can always go right back into the clinch.

To get some practice in on elbows from a standard stance or within the clinch, you can use a banana bag (Thai style heavy bag) or have your partner hold up Thai pads for you.

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