The Suplex Takedown: How to Celebrate in Georgia

by Tom Reynolds on January 28, 2011

In today’s article – how to celebrate in the country of Georgia… a clinic on the wrestler’s suplex.

Manuchar Kvirkelia is a world class Greco-Roman wrestler that has won many titles.  Most notably, the world championship in 2003 at 66 kg (145 lbs.), the European championship in 2007 at 74 kg (163), and the gold medal in the at the 2008 Summer Olympics again at 74 kg (163).

Watch the whole video, it’s hilarious. The suplex is a huge part of wrestling, particularly in Greco. At 1:18 you’ll see a textbook suplex.  Not that there’s any resistance….

Here Kvirkelia wins the Gold in 2008. Notice how Kvirkelia gets his hips under his opponent at 2:27.  That is 80% of the throw as we saw in the article One of the Best Takedown Videos Ever.

Last, here is a highlight of some big throws in Greco. Notice how on every throw, the wrestler steps his hips in and gets his hips under his opponent.

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  • Stefan Palmer

    You’re right about that coach.

    His suplex is pretty slick.

    • Eric

      That’s decades of experience. Wrestling can be a beautiful thing to watch at high levels.

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