Heel Hook Escape with Two Options

by Tom Reynolds on January 26, 2011

Every fighter and competitor should have at least one escape from every submission.  Defending against the heel hook is perhaps even more important with its growing popularity and high danger level. Escapes, in general, only have a small window for success.  Make sure to practice this enough that it is built into your muscle memory.

There are two options.  One for the flexible and another for those who are not. The main details for the defense is in the video.

Key Points on Both Heel Hook Escapes

  • Immediately flatten both legs on the ground.  If he locks his leg out on your hip, you’re in a tough situation.
  • Make sure to not have your free leg caught up.  If your leg gets hooked, press his leg that is trapping you onto the floor.
  • At the end, make sure to cross-face and straighten your opponent’s body out.

For more on the heel hook, visit the article at Taboo Techniques, the Heel Hook in BJJ and MMA.

Thanks to Bob and Kaleigh for helping with the video!

Let me know what you think.  Post any questions that you may have below!

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