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Master the Guillotine Choke Variations

by Tom Reynolds on April 28, 2011

The guillotine is one of the most common submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling in general. There are a ton of variations from almost every position with some working better than others.  You can modify the grips and angles for nearly endless possibilities.

The goal of this post is to change the way that you use the guillotine choke. These are easily two of the best guillotine choke variations out there. Even more than the BJJ techniques themselves, pay close attention to the details that Marcelo Garcia and Robson Moura are explaining.

Marcelo Garcia Guillotine from Side Mount

The guillotine from side mount has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially with Jon Jones finishing Bader with it in UFC 126:

Jon Jones Guillotine

Marcelo Garcia has also had his fare share of successes with this in major Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments like the ADCC. Here is a technique breakdown of the side mount guillotine from the legend, Marcelo Garcia.

Pay careful attention to Marcelo’s upper body as he finishes the choke. His chest is strong and trapping the back of the head. Also, his elbows are always very tight throughout the choke.

Robson Moura Shows the Power Guillotine

Robson Moura is one of the greatest BJJ technicians out there.  Here he is showing a great variation on the guillotine after someone shoots in on you.

The key details are how he clears the arm at 4:20 and how Robson brings his leg in to kill the space for the guillotine.

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  • Marcelo Garcia’s sidemount guillotine in particular will catch people off guard.

  • Guest

    Jon jones is performing that from half guard

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