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Get Hit Less by Mastering MMA Footwork

by Tom Reynolds on May 4, 2011

What do Dominick Cruz, Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar, Georges St Pierre, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Cain Valesquez all have in common?

They all are the current champions in the UFC as of the time of this post, and they all have some of the best footwork in their division.

I’m not saying that footwork is everything, but it is what fuels your offense and defense for striking and take downs which are two huge elements in Mixed Martial Arts.

Whether you are just starting out in MMA, or you have been training for years, spending some extra time working on your footwork each week will make you more dangerous then you have ever been.

MMA Stance

Videotape or have your trainer watch you spar. Pay attention to your feet and make sure that your feet never cross, are always around shoulder width apart, and your weight is on the ball of your foot.

Developing Speed and Coordination for Footwork

Boxers have the best footwork in the fighting world. When you see them train, jumping rope is a huge part of their workouts for good reason. Also, agility drills and plyometrics will aid in coordination, explosiveness, and timing.

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  • Terry Beck

     great footwork will save you from getting hit.

    • Eric

      I agree Terry

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