Defense Strategy

by Ryan Fiorenzi on March 13, 2013


What is the best outcome for you escaping a submission? You may know a lot of armbar escapes from the guard, for example, but which one is the best?

Obviously the main goal when someone tries to submit you is to escape, but what’s next?  Here’s something to consider: a list of the outcomes, listed from the worst to the best outcome.

  • You escape one sub and you’re immediately in another (you got out of uma plata but they put you in triangle).
  • You end up in a bad position (you got out of the triangle but you ended up in the mount bottom).
  • You end up in a neutral position (you escape a guillotine and you come back onto your knees).
  • You end up a good position (you got out of the armbar and end up in side control top).
  • You attack with your own submission (you get out of an uma plata and put them in a kneebar).

It is now always possible to go for a submission when someone attacks you with a submission, but it’s a great goal to have.  Make your game dangerous from everywhere!

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