Deep Half (And Z) Guard: Two Video Instructionals

by Tom Reynolds on January 11, 2011

I came across two good videos on the deep half guard.  This guard can be pulled off in BJJ and MMA.  If you doubt it’s effectiveness in MMA, watch a few videos with Antonio Noguiera.  It’s his go to position when starting in half guard.

The first is a basic overview of positioning which is very important.  Positioning makes or breaks a lot of positions, but is especially important with deep half guard. The second video is an advanced option into the Z Guard.

Here Stephen has a good, basic overview of the deep half guard.  If you’re new to the deep half guard or new to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, stop here and watch this video a few times.

Here Vinny is showing an advanced option that is good to try.  Z Guard is a lot of fun and this is a good basic sweep to get aquainted with.

Make sure to note his grip at 1:10. He is gripping high at the knee instead of low at the ankle to control the leg.

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